Zhengzhou, the Henan Province provincial capital, is the Chinese important interior open city and the historical city. North Zhengzhou is near Yellow River, south depends on Mt. Songshan, west neighbour 13 dynasty ancient capital Luoyang, east neighbour seven dynasty ancient capital Kaifeng, south neighbour Three Kingdom era cao wei former capital Xuchang, Zhengzhou is in itself also Chinese one of eight big ancient capitals. Zhengzhou is situated at the area south of Yellow River center, “towers the main center, breaks in horses important”, for the national important transportation, the communication and the energy key position, is on the new Asian-European land bridge important city, is also an emerging modernized metropolis.  


The Zhengzhou in the Chinese transportation big cross's central place. Longhai, the Jing-Guang Railroad connect in here, 107, 310 federal highways, the Beijing bead, Lian the Huo highway put on the boundary, is named as the national civilized airport Sincheng international airport and the domestic and foreign more than 30 urban navigation. Has the Asian biggest train marshalling yard and the nation biggest package freight transfer post, a kind of aviation, the railroad port and road two kind of port each 1, the cargo may go nonstop to the Zhengzhou joint inspect shutdown overseas. The postal service telecommunication business volume is situated the national front row. Already became the comprehensive important transportation communication key position which a railroad, the road, the aviation, the posts and telecommunications correspondence have both.  


The Zhengzhou business is developed, is State Council one of definite 3 business center experiment site cities. Has large quantities of high scales, the multi-purpose large-scale business facilities and radiates national the commodity terminal market, the year volume of business ultra hundred million Yuan has more than 30; Every year each kind of nationwide character which, regional characteristic, specialized trade fair, exposition, business conference over a hundred times conducts in Zheng; The domestic and foreign ten thousand business organization is equipped with the office in Zhengzhou or manages the place.  

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